eAxle 3-in-1 Two Speeds Electric Drive System Model CP Series

  • 3-in-1 compact
  • 125kw power
  • 2 speeds transmission
  • 3500Nm torque
  • 105kg weight


 eAxle 3-in-1 Two Speeds Electric Drive System

The eAxle is just a simpler solution for electric drive integration for electric vehicles, with the electric motor, powerelectronics, transmission and thermal management combined together in one compact, efficient, and cost effective package. Directly powering the vehicle's axle, it is easy to be integrated either at the front or the rear axle of passenger cars, SUVs and light commercial vehicles depending on the architecture and the application.

Operating at 250 to 450 volts of direct current (Vdc), the eAxle has exceptional torque and power densities, with continuous power of 60kW and maximum power of 125kW, delivering peak torques of 2,380Nm and 3,500Nm under two-speed transmission. The advanced transmission technology with simple shifting process without e-machine controlling offers smooth and quiet operation. The electric motor delivers exceptional performance with superior noise, vibration and harshness characteristics. The robust power electronics is designed for its long lifecycle endurance, which comes in a small size and with high efficiency. Continuous effort in optimization of the eAxle among the electric motor, power electronics, and transmission results in reduction of interfaces, HV cables, connectors and cooling components, and increase of system efficiency which extends the vehicle electric range.

Chroma eAxle aids in making electric drives less complex but simpler. Three key components of proven technologies used in the eAxle each have their own features that maximize the overall performance of the system to meet the upfront evolution of electric drivetrain for pure electric vehicle and hybrid electric vehicle.



eAxle 3-in-1 Two Speeds Electric Drive System