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29 Jan 2024

Empowering the Net Zero Transformation: Chroma 63700 Regenerative DC Electronic Loads Now Available

In the past, load testing in areas such as power electronics, batteries, and electric vehicles typically relied on linear electronic loads. These loads converted the power consumed during the test into waste heat, adversely affecting the environment and i

29 Feb 2024

Chroma's Ultra-High Precision Measurement Solution: Improving the Efficiency of Non-Invasive Degradation Analysis of Lithium-Ion Battery Cells

What is non-invasive analysis? The analysis of lithium-ion battery cell degradation can be classified into invasive and non-invasive methods, with non-invasive analysis offering the following advantages: (1) Evidence of battery degradation can be retained

12 Jul 2023

Chroma ATE Wins Six Awards in II Research 2023 Asia Pacific Executive Team Survey

Institutional Investor Research(II Research), a premier research and ranking institution in the global investment community, recently announced the results of its Institutional Investor 2023 Asia Executive Team Survey. 6,474 investors, fund managers, and

11 Aug 2023

Chroma ATE Inc. Featured in Forbes Asia's Best Under A Billion 2023

Chroma ATE Inc. has been recognized on Forbes Asia's highly esteemed Best Under A Billion list for 2023! This achievement underscores our company's exceptional performance in the Asia-Pacific region, demonstrating resilience and growth in the face of glob