PXI and PXIe platforms offer open industrial standard testing while granting small size, modularity, flexible configuration, and high accuracy. Chroma's PXIe source measurement unit, for instance, serves as a high-precision voltage and current supply source, provides load simulation, and accurately measures current and voltage values. The device is a perfect fit for testing applications such as IC, LED, laser diode, transistors, solar cell, battery, and other semiconductor components.

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PXIe短脉冲电源量测单元 Model52403P
  • PXI Systems Alliance
Model 52403P
  • 多合一 SMU实现LIV一体量测
  • Pulser模块 – 最小脉冲宽度
    • 10uS @ 10A
    • 8uS @ 3.5A
    • 5uS @ 1A/250mA
  • Pulser模块 - 能耐受来自测试线材和被测物综合电感(达 3uH)而不受影响
  • SMU模块:±25V, DC 3.5A
电源供应模组 Model52310eSeries
  • PXI Systems Alliance
Model 52310e Series
  • 4 Isolated channels of ±7V, pulse 1A (max)
  • 20-bit measurement resolution
  • Low output noise
  • Maximum sampling rate of 600 KS/s
高精准电源量测单元 Model52400Series
  • PXI Systems Alliance
Model 52400 Series
  • High Source/Measurement Resolution (by Multiple Ranges)
  • Low Output Noise
  • High Programming/Measurement Speed (100k s/S) & Slew Rate
  • Output Profiling by Hardware Sequencer


PXI可程式直流电源供应器 Model52912
  • CE Mark
  • PXI Systems Alliance
PXI 可程式直流电源供应器
Model 52912
  • Dual Isolated outputs: 0-48VDC/0~2A/60W, programmable
  • Choice of DC or AC Input Supply
  • High Speed Instrument Sequencer (HSIS#) functionality
  • Outputs May Be Connected in Parallel or Series
PXI延伸卡 Model52906
  • PXI Systems Alliance
Model 52906
  • Extend PXI backplane signals, Extend PXI BUS to outside of chassis, easy for inspection
  • 3U 64-bit PXI extension card available for hot swapping PXI card
  • Provide short circuit protection
  • Able to use voltage meter to measure the power consumption of +5V, +3.3V, +12V,-12V and VIO

PXI 半导体 / IC 测试系统

HighVoltageDevicePowerSupply Model33021
  • PXI Systems Alliance
High Voltage Device Power Supply
Model 33021
  • Max. 48V DC output with 2 channels per card
UniversalRelayDriverControl Model33011
  • PXI Systems Alliance
Universal Relay Driver Control
Model 33011
  • PXIe based universal relay control
  • 32CH direct relay drivers
  • 2 lanes of SPI relay control interface
HighSpeedPXIeDigitalIOCard Model33010
  • PXI Systems Alliance
High Speed PXIe Digital IO Card
Model 33010
  • Standard PXIe bus connector
  • 100MHz maximum clock rate
  • 32 channels per board